At Piano with Ms. Susy we believe that every child should have the opportunity to receive quality music education; necessary in  producing a well rounded child.  After all, the performing arts is a language  understood worldwide.

Piano with Ms. Susy provides a non-competitive atmosphere where students are able to study all types of music.  Student's of all ages and levels from the preschool beginner, beginner or advanced adolescent to the beginner adult can receive quality professional instruction and interact with other young musicians.

For a more individualized and personalized approach, all are music lessons are private.  In this manner students, progress at their own natural pace, in their own distraction-free private studio. 

Piano with Ms. Susy offers a one of a kind "musical experience" designed to create a successful and motivating first experience at the piano for children, teens and adults.  Our program is designed to help each student succeed by having each student play by the first lesson, by introducing original music in contemporary, rock 'n roll, worship, by using CD recording and MIDI files to develop the student's listening skills and accelerate their learning, by playing "off the page" by playing chord charts and experimenting with improvisation, by instilling a sense of wellness and making learning the piano a gratifying musical experience.  You will be amazed at how easy is is to learn!



Are you a business professional or a stay at home mom and have always wanted to learn to play, but just never seem to have the time? See what 30 minutes once a week of your time can achieve. You can play!  We guarantee it!!

 Ms. Susy's piano lessons are based upon request, schedule availability, and are handled on a first come first serve basis.