Music Inspires Learning in our Children

Music plays an important role in every child's development.  Beginning at birth, music stimulates the brain and provides a platform for language, listening, and creativity.  Research also shows that children who play a musical instrument excel academically, including scoring higher in standardized tests.

Intellectual Development

Music stimulates imagination and creativity

Music develops abstract reasoning skills

 Music promotes concentration and memory retention

Music sharpens problem solving skills

Music develops focus and critical thinking skills

Music improves reading and math skills

Emotional Development

Music boots self-esteem and self-confidence

Music builds self-discipline

Music makes learning fun

Music gives emotional satisfaction

Music generates pride and achievement

Music instills enthusiasm for life

Social Interaction

Music encourages self-expression

Music builds relationships with peers

Music instills sense of teamwork

Music improves communication skills

Physical Development

Music sharpens hand-eye coordination
Music hones sense of rhythm